Students can spend their summer term learning and taking classes

Though most students are not on campus during the summer months, classes are still held! Students have the option to take both on campus and online courses at Miami during the summer. Not only are these students earning more credit hours, they are advancing their educational experience further during this term!

Chagdes in Lab 

Chagdes teaching students in the lab                   

In CEC, we have multiple options for classes that our students can take during the summer term. One of these courses is MME 436. This course is titled Control of Dynamic Systems, and is a three credit hour course.

This course provides an in-depth study of the theory, design, and analysis of feedback control of dynamic systems. The course integrates the problem-solving techniques and concepts of electric circuits and computer-aided experimentation into the design and construction of programmable-control systems. What the students learn in class is applied in lab exercises and short-term design projects that they complete over the course of the course. 

This advanced course is taught by James Chagdes during this term to both MME students, as well as, ECE students. This course provides a further understanding to these students of the career and educational paths that they chose.

We are excited to see what our students achieve after completing their courses, and are happy to see students choose to spend their summer term on campus!

 By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Communications Reporter