MME Student Spotlight: Mariona Heras

We have many successful students that come to Miami and accomplish many things. After Miami, these students continue their success in whatever career path that they choose. Today we will be highlighting one of these successful students, MME student Mariona Heras.

Heras Picture

Heras headshot

Heras graduated from Miami last year, and during her time at Miami, she studied Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation, Heras was able to receive her Master's degree and is currently working for a marketing and development company based in Detroit, MI. 

In this new role she is working as a materials engineer. She is able to work in a new lab where she studies the different mechanical properties of rubber. 

Her experience at Miami has helped her to be successful in this new role. During her time at Miami, Heras conducted research and studied the vibration characteristics of a viscoelastic polymeric beam. This lab experience helped Heras become comfortable in her new job, furthering her success. 

Heras was able to participate in experiences outside the classroom as well. At Miami, Heras was able to be a student athlete, playing on the field hockey team. This experience allowed her to understand the value of teamwork and time management, which all can be applicable in her new role.

Heras is grateful for her experience at Miami, and how much her time at Miami allowed her to have a successful career after graduation.

We are so excited to see the success and experience that our graduates have after their years spent at Miami. We cannot wait to see the impact that we can have on our current students, and what they might achieve after graduation. 

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Communications Reporter