RedHawk Racing placed 2nd in competition against 70 other schools

This past week the RedHawk Racing team brought 7 team members down to Louisville to compete against other local universities.

It was a competition encompassing in multiple races, with a final endurance race. There were 90 cars in total and over 70 schools that compete on a very dry and dusty course. The team was able to place 2nd overall out of all the schools competing.

Redhawk racing

The team with their winning car

The team did light preparations to get ready for this race. The needed to make sure their car was equipped to run and be successful in the competition. They decided to do multiple practice runs the car before the competition to make sure there were no problems before the start. 

After a very successful performance, the team was able to reflect back on their experiences that have led them to this point. “Our team is small, but poised to grow significantly this year, and we welcome the opportunity to give more students the hands-on experience available only by designing, manufacturing, and testing parts,” stated Dave Pearl, team member.  

“Beyond the technical prowess, our team is competitive and diverse in background and experience, with our car and team culture reflecting this. There is no question in my mind that if we were not competitive at this race, the entire team would be doing everything in their power to get us back on track by May,” Pearl explained.

Find his driver interview on the RedHawk Racing Facebook Page.

We are so excited about what RedHawk Racing is able to accomplish, and we cannot wait to hear of more successes. If you want to follow the team’s success you can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn @miamiohracing

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Communications Reporter