Dassault's "Reveal the World" Tour Comes to Campus

On the evening of Oct. 24, Dassault Systèmes’s “simulation on wheels” arrived on campus and was set up between Hughes and Laws halls. The attraction was open for students to interact with starting the next day until 4 p.m.

Though seemingly only a semi-truck on the outside, the inside of the vehicle was far from just that.Student uses VR driving technology

Lining the walls of the interior was interactive simulation technology.

While the company’s main goal is to show students what they can look forward to in the field, the tour is also being used to showcase the work and advancements the company has been making as well.

A few of the trucks simulation softwares included Cabin Comfort, where you could design the cabin of a car for maximum satisfaction in areas like temperature, posture, and noise, and an anatomical heart, used for practical medical purposes. The student favorite, however, was the virtual reality driving simulation, where you sat down, put on a headset and test drove a car without leaving the safety of your chair.

Dassault’s initiatives are very student-oriented.

“What Dassault Systèmes is trying to do is really work with our academic partners to prepare the workforce of the future through project-based learning.” Said David Martin, SIMULIA Expert in Academia. “We need to start teaching students through experience how to work in a collaborative environment.”

Starting this year, the MME department here at Miami has a user license to use technology just like what’s displayed in the truck, putting our students at an advantage later in their careers. Our departments are preparing students to solve the next big problems of tomorrow.

For more on Dassault’s tour and technology, visit their website.

By Jenna Calderón, CEC Reporter