CEO of Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) hosts dinner with students

CEO Mark Kowlzan speaks to studentsOn Wednesday, Nov. 6, Mark Kowlzan, CEO of the Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), hosted a formal dinner for CEC students in the Shriver Heritage Room.

After enjoying their meals, Kowlzan made his way to the podium at the front.

Over 140 attendees listened intently as he talked about how he got to where he is today; where he started, what choices he made and what made him successful.

But, throughout the night, Mr. Kowlzan continued to pose a question to the students; “What do you dream of?”

While he recognized that the question may sound juvenile, he insisted that answering that question is necessary to choose your career path, as well as your specific job following graduation.

“I’ve been blessed and fortunate to have this wonderful career and live my dream, and now I get to, hopefully, allow this generation to start thinking more clearly about what will inspire them,” Kowlzan said. “It’s not only an opportunity, but an obligation that I have to have the kids think about what they can do with their engineering background.”

Kowlzan wants students to know that, regardless of the discipline you study, it can be applied to numerous industries. Students should keep an open mind to endless job possibilities in the field.

Because of the potential Kowlzan sees in Miami students, PCA has donated generously to our Paper Science and Engineering Foundation, and he hopes to continue to broaden the company’s relationship with Miami.

The CEO hosts an event similar to this at only two other schools, making this evening an extra special opportunity for CEC students.

Find out more about PCA’s involvement with Miami.

By Jenna Calderón, CEC News Reporter