Dr. Eric Bachmann to be new chair of CSE Department

When Dr. Jim Kiper steps down from his position as chair of the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSE) this summer, a new professor, Dr. Eric Bachmann, has been chosen to fill the position.Dr. Eric Bachmann

Dr. Bachmann has been teaching at Miami for nearly two decades. Prior to coming to Oxford, he flew helicopters for the United States Navy and attended the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, earning MS and Ph.D. degrees in computer science.

Throughout the years, Dr. Bachmann has taught a diverse set of courses, ranging from beginning programming to graduate level courses that focus on networked virtual environments and computer graphics. Recently, he’s taught mostly upper-level elective classes relating to computer graphics, game development, digital modeling and more.

Above all else, Dr. Bachmann loves teaching his students.

“I have enjoyed research over the years, but it was teaching that drew me to the profession,” he said. “Each time I see a student make connections that were not there before and master new skills or new ways of thinking, it is a great day.”

By Jenna Calderón, CEC Reporter