Organization Spotlight: Kode2Learn

Miami’s Kode2Learn club is a CEC organization that is devoted to providing STEM education to the next generation. Many members of the club have been interested in the computer science field since a young age, but were never provided with the proper resources to get them started until high school. Kode2Learn wants to change that.

By providing widely applicable computer science lessons and access to free online resources, Kode2Learn helps to shape the minds and skills of local elementary school students.

Each week, Monday through Thursday, teams of around four Kode2Learn members head to the schools in town to run their hour-long classes. The programs last eight weeks and are held in both the fall and spring.

At the end of the fall session, the organization holds “Kode2Learn Day” — a full day of coding activities in Benton Hall, where students from all of the elementary schools can come together to learn.Kode2Learn kids on computers

Joe Rutkowski, a sophomore software engineering major and president of Kode2Learn, encourages anyone to join the club, regardless of the extent of their computer science background.

“A lot of times when someone is on the fence about joining the club, I say, ‘I could teach you everything we'll go over in the class in an hour,’” Rutkowski said. “And on the off chance they do get confused, our club members who do know the technical aspects of the job are already experienced in teaching these concepts, and more than happy to help.

Kode2Learn is a gratifying experience for the young students and members alike.

“My favorite part of being a member of Kode2Learn is the moment when a student grasps a concept after struggling for a while on it,” Rutkowski said. “Being a part of little moments like that is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.”

Those interested in joining can contact Joe Rutkowski at

By Jenna Calderón, CEC Reporter