Graduate student places in Three Minute Thesis competition

Sarah Bass, a first-year graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, placed second in the annual Three Minute Thesis (3MT®️) competition. Bass is the first student from an engineering major to place in Miami’s 3MT®. Sarah Bass

The goal of 3MT® is simple: effectively present your research in a way that individuals outside of your discipline would understand, all in three minutes.

“I kind of think of it as like, your elevator speech for your research,” Bass said.

In the competition, held virtually at the end of April, Bass presented her research on biosignal controlled robotics. Real-world applications of this include prosthetics, wheelchairs and more.

“I never thought I would actually pursue this, but I was given the opportunities and I want to share it with everyone,” she said.

Presenting in this setting was a first for Bass.

“I used it as an intro to hopefully present at conferences later,” Bass said. “I wanted this to be kind of a launching ground.”

In the future, she hopes to continue in academia and research, and design technology similar to what she researched for the competition. She encourages others to participate in the competition to gain experience and confidence.

“I learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of,” Bass said. “I think everyone should at least try.”

By Jenna Calderón, CEC Reporter