Check-In: Paper science senior design project

Each year, graduating paper science students are required to participate in a senior design project. But before that, this year’s group of 15 seniors has to practice first. 

What better way to do that than by making holiday cards?

Starting at the beginning of October, the team began preparing for their annual card-making, this time going with green as their color of choice. Three students working on the paper machine 

Gabby Herbert, a senior chemical engineering major with a minor in paper and computer science, is the team leader. 

“I think it’s a lot of fun,” Herbert said. “It’s kind of like a massive group project.”

Following their test runs, the team will be diving into their main assignment next semester: recreating an Amazon box. 

This means the inside, outside and everything in-between. 

While most of their work is done remotely and online due to COVID-19 concerns, Herbert and the rest of the team come in to do machine runs occasionally. 

Support for projects like this one comes from the Miami University Paper Science & Engineering Foundation (PS&EF) which started at Miami in 1960.

With only nine universities across the country having paper science programs, the industry is quite competitive when it comes to hiring. 

“The Foundation that we have here is for the express purpose of supporting the paper engineering program and attracting qualified engineering students into the discipline so that they can go work,” Gary Rudemiller, executive director of Miami’s PS&EF, said. 

Each year, nearly 40 member companies help support our program and the education of our students, including awarding about $260 thousand in scholarships to around 60 students. 

Now in it’s 61st year, Miami’s Paper Science & Engineering Foundation has become an integral part of CEC. To learn more, visit the Paper Science & Engineering Foundation website

By Jenna Calderón, CEC Reporter