Maciej Wozniak receives award from Graduate Research Forum

Maciej WozniakThe annual research forum, hosted by Miami's Graduate School provides an opportunity for Miami graduate students from all departments to share their scholarly work with the university community. Top presenters receive awards of professional expense funds.

Wozniak is researching with Dr. Philippe Giabbanelli, CSE associate professor. Their current work is aimed at improving human health using various machine learning techniques.

Using machine learning to optimize fuzzy cognitive maps of eating disorders is the research project awarded the 'top 3 presentations' at the Forum. Wozniak says "Conditions such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other human diseases are often connected to eating behaviors. Even though individuals may be aware of what constitutes a healthy diet, it is not a trivial task to promote changes in individual earing behaviors. Eating behaviors may be influenced both directly and indirectly (e.g. through social norms)."

This research is a collaborative effort with Maastricht University in the Netherlands, where data about eating habits was collected from participants and subject matter experts in order to create a concept map. Although it is easy to identify factors shaping behaviors (e.g. financial situation, access to resources), the challenge is to quantitatively evaluate their causal strength. "My specific contribution to this project is to bring in machine learning to ensure the causal strengths of the edges are based not only on the experts, but also align with the evidence provided in the data."

Wozniak is conducting other machine learning research and building computer vision algorithms for tracking change and errors in cellular automata simulations. He also co-taught an undergraduate CSE course this fall.

He will pursue his doctorate in computer vision.