Karen Davis is being recognized by the ACM

The Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) has recently published a profile about Dr. Karen Davis, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering here at Miami.

Karen is a co-editor of the SIGCSE Bulletin. She is also a co-author of the 4th edition of the textbook Databases Illuminated, which is one of the only multi-author database textbooks written only by women.

This recognition is important because it is opening doorways into conversations about equity within engineering. Karen’s stance on this is that equity is not only necessary for equality within the field, but also for innovation. This can come in many forms, but one that Davis noticed is the influx of creations to help people with disabilities. It is very important to her that we diversify the field.Karen Davis with cat

Davis does her part to incorporate these innovations by altering her teaching in the classroom. She focuses more on active learning, such as guided practice activities. Her goal is to allow more low stakes learning that will facilitate the desire to truly learn the material.

When asked about the future of engineering, Dr. Davis said, “I think secure computing and addressing bias in artificial intelligence are the most impactful areas that need creative and effective solutions.”

Written by Kayleigh Schauseil, CEC Reporter