CEC welcomes Wyatt Bischoff as a new MME academic advisor

Having graduated from Miami in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education, Wyatt Bischoff is making a return to campus, where he will now be an academic advisor in the MME department (Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering). 

During his time at Miami, Bischoff was heavily involved with ResLife on campus, as well as the esports team. After graduation, he went to Bowling Green State University, where he spent time as an academic advisor as he worked on his Masters in College Student Personnel. 

Wyatt is excited for his new position with Miami, saying “I've always wanted to help STEM students from my undergrad experience. I was heavily involved in science, and a lot of my close friends were engineers. I feel I can relate to students personally and I can help them, being a previous student here and now an employee. I had a great time at Miami. Miami is really prestigious and offers many opportunities, and I'm really excited to help students take advantage of all those things.”

Bischoff feels having been a recent graduate will aid him in relating to the students, but in a more professional setting. His experience with Miami has also built a strong connection network, giving him more access to knowledge and help for students.

When talking about his undergrad years, Wyatt mentioned that he swapped majors many times, and he feels like instead of hindering him, these changes helped him become involved with many sectors of campus. 

Wyatt says his time at Miami was challenging on occasion, but he thanks the faculty and staff for giving him the help he needed to make it through. He remembers his own advisor for helping him get the resources he needed to be successful. He sees his new position as a way to give back to Miami for being there for him. 

His passion for education is what inspired Bischoff to work in higher education, adding that “Your whole world opens up the more you learn, the more people you meet, and more opportunities that you can have.” 

Written by Kayleigh Schauseil, CEC Reporter