Dr. Muhammad Jahan gives Keynote Speech

Muhammad Jahan is a Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Associate Professor at Miami, where he started as an Assistant Professor in 2016. He is also the Graduate Program Director for the MME department.

Dr. Jahan likes to travel, watch movies, and interact with people, which is one of the main reasons he loves his job as a professor. “I really enjoy working with my students in both the classroom and research labs. I feel happy when I see them successful after their graduation from university and my research lab,” he said.

Engaging students in hands-on research and discovery is one of the major goals of his research. Contributing fundamental knowledge in his areas of expertise motivates him to continue his work. He tries to stick to an area of research for longer amounts of time, in order to be better equipped as a leader in those specific research areas.

Jahan was invited to deliver a Keynote Speech at the 12th International Conference on Materials Processing and Characterization (ICMPC 2021), 6th - 9th Oct, Chandigarh, India. The conference was held virtually this year.

The topic of his presentation was “Sustainable post-processing of 3D printed parts - A case study for CFRP composites and future prospects”. This is a newer topic that he has been working on for the last three years, and he has published several high-quality journal articles on the topic.

Dr. Muhammad’s research interests are in the areas of Advanced Manufacturing Processes, such as non-traditional machining processes, sustainable machining, and sustainable post-processing of additive manufactured parts.

He is currently working on three main research projects, two of which are sponsored by industries. This research is on enhancing machining speed and productivity during machining of semiconductor parts. This project is sponsored by the LAM Research Corporation. In another industry project sponsored by the M K Morse Company, they are trying to develop new materials and design a new band saw that will be capable of removing support structures from metal 3D printed parts. Jahan is also working on developing sustainable post-processing strategies for 3D printed carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) and metal additive manufactured parts for aerospace applications.

Recently, Dr. Jahan has been elected as the Track Chair for the Advanced Manufacturing Track at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE 2022) conference. This is the biggest international conference in the Mechanical Engineering field sponsored by the ASME, and the Advanced Manufacturing track is one of the largest tracks in the conference.
He started serving as the session chair for this conference and rose all the way up to the rank of Track Chair. Jahan served as the topic chair for the ‘Advanced Machining and Finishing’ topic for two years, and then as a co-chair for the Advanced Manufacturing track for the past three years.

Jahan says despite Miami not having a PhD program within the Engineering departments, he has still had success with publishing work done with graduate and undergraduate students. Some of these have been published in top tier Manufacturing journals and have attracted industry funding. He hopes in the future there will be opportunities to have PhD students, as they will get more time with the research, and possibly attract federal funding.

Written by Kayleigh Schauseil, CEC Reporter.