Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing works to create an LLC for upperclassmen students

Miami University is currently planning on creating a new Living Learning Community (LLC) specifically for upper-class students in the College of Engineering and Computing. Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing (SEEC) is an initiative by Miami’s CEC that addresses the needs of society and engages the engineering community.

The new SEEC LLC is based around the three pillars of SEEC: MU-CAT, Grand Challenge Scholars and the Humanitarian Engineering minor. Students interested in this LLC are not required to be engaged in the community already, but it is encouraged. Alongside the SEEC LLC, there will be a class called “CEC222, Socio-Environmental Responsibility in Engineering and Computing” that students can fit into their schedule by working with their academic advisor.

Through the experiences of this LLC, students will learn more about the components of SEEC and it’s pillars and will take them from the residence hall to industry places to meet guest speakers, industry professionals and faculty. The LLC will consist of 30 upperclassmen and will have socials, study groups, community service opportunities and will be housed in Marcum Hall (formerly known as Presidents Hall).

“Why are you doing engineering and computing if not to change the world?” Said Nick Stanford, who is forming this LLC.

Stanford is an academic advisor in the CEC who specifically works with students in the Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering department at Miami. Stanford has been at Miami since June 2018 and previously worked as the resident director of Withrow Hall for three years. 

Stanford enjoys getting to know his colleagues and frequently spends time with the friends he’s made at Miami. Outside of work, he enjoys playing video games, jamming out to music, and spending quality time at home with his wife and dog.

Stanford is excited to get back into the swing of working with residence life again, but is really looking forward to creating a community for engineering students to have an intentional and meaningful experience with SEEC and with the community.

Anyone interested in more information about the SEEC LLC is encouraged to fill out this survey, which will close at 4 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 28.

Written by Gabby Benedict, CEC Reporter