New website and revised academic calendar, 8:47 a.m.

Dear Miami Community,

The Safe Return to Campus Planning and Coordinating Committee had a productive and busy week. As you are aware, the committee’s website launched last week, just in time for the announcement about the fall academic calendar.

As that announcement made its way around our community, we were pleased that many of you found the button for the feedback form on that page and jotted us a note about your concerns, ideas, and continued questions. You will now find a link to the revised academic calendar as well.

We read every message that comes across. This week, we noticed common themes of concern emerge like personal health, academic flexibility, and the status of public events.

From the feedback we are receiving from the website as well as individuals and groups of people, we are constructing a list of Frequently Asked Questions. These are helpful to us as we consider what communications are of high interest and urgency. As we are able to answer them, you will be able to find those updates on this website.

Another concern that was expressed was the lack of graduate student representation on our committee. It was always our intention and we are pleased to announce that Brenda Tyrrell has agreed to join us.

We have also launched a scientific review team tasked with 1) monitoring current research on mainstream mitigation strategies such as hand washing and physical distancing; and 2) constructing detailed reviews of literature on emerging topics, such as drinking fountain usage.

With the academic calendar set, we are looking forward to hearing more of your ideas and communicating regular updates to you.

Love and Honor,

Co-chairs: Dana Cox and Gwen Fears