A Message of Gratitude to the Miami Community | 3:28 p.m.

Dear Miami Community,

As the long holiday weekend approaches, I wanted to take the time to thank all members of the Miami community for their hard work, camaraderie, and collaboration over the past year. This year has been unlike any other, but through it all, Miami students, faculty, and staff have been adaptable, creative, collaborative and resilient - finding new ways to learn, work, and build community.

Although the past nine months have been filled with uncertainty and change, the resilience and strength of Miamians has shone through. Throughout our challenges, our shared values have provided a cornerstone both individually and collectively. I am thankful for your servant leadership, your dedication to our students, and your compassion for one another.

The resilience and strength of the Miami community is unparalleled. Our unity throughout this year has empowered our effective response and led us through these unprecedented times. Without your commitment and creativity, we would not be the thriving institution we are today. I am honored to lead Miami University and its incredible faculty and staff as we serve our students during such an important time in our history.

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving break filled with abundance and joy.

In Love and Honor,