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(Upbeat music playing)

Slide 1: Aerial view of red brick buildings on Miami University’s campus.

Slide 2: We’ve been notified that you need to isolate or quarantine.

Slide 3: Here is what you need to know:

Slide 4: You have two options for Q/I time: 1. Go home. 2. Be assigned an on-campus location.

Slide 5: When making your decision, consider how your health status will affect your family members.

Slide 6: We’ve given you an on-campus assignment, but let us know if you are going home instead.

Slide 7: You’re required to give us the address where you will stay.

Slide 8: Rules for going home: 1. Location must be within driving distance with no stops.

Slide 9: Rules for going home: 2. No use of public transportation.

Slide 10: Rules for going home: 3. You must have a private bedroom.

Slide 11: Rules for going home: 4. Everyone at the location must be informed of your health status.

Slide 12: Have you clicked the links and read the attachments in your email?

Slide 13: They contain important information about your assigned location, what to expect in your room, and how to arrange transportation and order meals.

Slide 14: Things to consider if you go to Q/I on campus: 1. Remember your ID. 2. Order meals before you pack. 3. Bring an extra blanket if you tend to be cold.

Slide 15: The Butler County contact tracing team will call you soon. Be sure to talk to them; they’ll set your official end date!

Slide 16: Take care of yourself, and let us know if you have questions.

Slide 17: Thank you for helping to keep the Miami community safe!

Slide 18: Red block M, Office of the Dean of Students,