Miami alum and PhD student/instructor featured on list of top nine leaders in education

jeff-lyman300x226.jpgJeff Lyman, an alumni of Educational Psychology and Dominique Brown, an instructor and PhD student in education at Miami University were featured on WCPO Cincinnati's list of top nine leaders in education.

Jeff is a school psychologist and works daily to help teachers and their students problem solve when challenging times arise.Daily, he goes out of his way to help the hardest kids in the school succeed. He spends his own money on items for students to earn. He brainstorms ways to help feed the hungriest students on the weekends. As his nominee put it: "In Jeff's mind, there is no shortcut, or easier way. Whatever is best for the students, is what he will do."

Dominique is an instructor and Ph.D. student in education at Miami University. Her work goes beyond helping to craft great teachers. dominique-brown300x225.jpgThrough her doctoral research in the Educational Leadership, Culture and Curriculum program at Miami, Brown is helping the next generation of educators understand identity and engage difference. Previously, she worked at the Center for Faith and Justice at Xavier as an experiential educator helping students to find ways to weave community service work into their academic career. Brown is also board members Elements, which supports creative expression of urban youth in Over-the-Rhine.

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