Miami Student Teacher Inspires Spanish Students to Save the Planet

Spanish III students at Ross High School have been inspired by a unit on the environment, led by Miami University student teacher Emily Rees.

During their exploration of topics related to conservation, students read a newspaper article printed in its original Spanish text about a Colombian city called Medellîn, where the authorities had declared an event for a "day without a car."

In this event, residents of the city of Medellîn had to either opt for public transportation, ride share options, walking, or biking to get to work, school, and for leisure activities on the indicated day.

Students were inspired by this as well as other compelling videos and lessons led by Ms. Rees and decided to take action.

In a fourth block Spanish III class, students developed a plan to advocate for a "Sustainable Container Day" at school, observed on Sept 26, where students would be encouraged to utilize or reuse containers to reduce plastic waste for foods and beverages, such as water, coffee, and lunch items.

Students developed the plan, and signed a petition requesting administrative support as part of their work as activists to support the environment.

Another group of Spanish III students is currently planning an event for Earth Day in 2019, where students will mimic the "day without a car," opting to ride a bus or carpool within the limits of permitted passengers for young drivers.

Emily Rees is a Senior double majoring in Spanish Education and Spanish.