Periods Rock!

Periods Rock!, a student informed and co-lead initiative within SESC, has stocked all of the restrooms in McGuffey and Phillips with feminine hygiene products, condoms, lube, and literature are in the women's and all-gender bathrooms and the same, minus feminine hygiene products, are in men's bathrooms. These products will be restocked every Thursday in both buildings. 

Periods Rock! is also having a collection drive in from February 24 -28 in The Nook (McGuffey 129).

Periods Rock! is also scheduling presentations in residence halls. Their three goals for these presentations include,

  1. To raise awareness of period inequity and the work that Periods Rock! is doing on campus.
  2. To give short science-based, research supported presentations on sexual-reproduction, anatomy, and psychology and/or endocrine system.
  3. Ask for pad and tampon donations.
For more information about Periods Rock! please contact Richelle Frabotta,