Document Codes

Document Codes
Code Prefix Doc Type Description Department
AP YE Year End Accounts Payable Accrual General Accounting
AP YE Year End Accounts Payable Accrual General Accounting
AS YE Accrued Sick Leave Year End General Accounting
AU ID Vehicle Insurance-Accidents/Repairs Business Services
AV YE Accrued Vacation Year End General Accounting
B AP Bookstore invoices Auxilliary Business Office
B00 BD Budget entry University Budget
BG ID Background Check Human Resources
BI ID Bookstore Income Transfer-Hamilton Auxilliary Business Office
BI ID Bookstore Income Transfer-Middletown Auxilliary Business Office
BI ID Bookstore Income Transfer-Oxford Auxilliary Business Office
BS YE Benefits Spread General Accounting
BT BD Budget entry University Budget
BTA BD Budget entry-Credit Workshops General Accounting
BTS BD Budget entry for Capital Improvements Plant Funds/General Accounting
CAG  (& CG) JV Cindy Green Grants and Contracts
CD ID Communications Media University Communications
CERL YE Encumbrance Roll General Accounting
CLR (& CR) JV Cyndi Ripberger Treasury Services
CM ID Chemistry Storeroom Charges Chemistry
CN ID Shriver Center/Marc Conf Ctr/Concessions/Depts Auxilliary Business Office
CP ID Middletown Campus Copy & Color Copy Business Services-Middletown
CP ID Middletown Campus Copy & Color Copy Applied Research Ctr-Middletown
CS AP Culinary Services documents Accounts Payable
CS00 ID PFD-Sales Orders/Cole Supply Physical Facilities
CT ID Catering Auxilliary Business Office
DL ID DHL Shipping Charges University Mail Services
DM ID Print Center Information Technology Services
DRW (&DW) JV Donna Williams General Accounting
ED ID ITS Equipment Disposal Information Technologies Services
EFT JV Various EFT's Grants & Contracts
F00 BU Bursar Interface Bursar Office
F00 UR University Relations Interface Advancement Services
F00 PR Payroll Feeds General Accounting
FD ID 1809 RM/Spring Street/Food Court Auxilliary Business Office
FS ID Fisher Scientific Purchasing
FX ID Federal Express (FedEx) charges University Mail Services
GAC (& GA) JV Transfer Requests (Funds, Revenue, Expenses) General Accounting
GC ID Electronic Fund Transfers--DHHS & NSF Grants & Contracts
GG ID Various Department Chgs/Expense transfers Goggin Ice Center
GJH JV GASB Entries General Accounting
GR GC Revenue Recognition & Indirect Cost Grants & Contracts
GT ID Climer/Simpson Lodge Guest Rooms University Advancement
GT ID WCAA Patterson Place Guest Rooms Western College Alumnae Association
GW ID Grad Fee Waivers General Accounting
HD ID HDGS - Housing Dining Guest Services Auxilliary Business Office
HM ID Various Charges/Depts/Bulk Mail Hamilton Campus-Admin
HS ID Pharmacy Transfers Student Health Services
HW ID Various Charges/Depts Wilks Conference Center-Hamilton
I AP Invoices, Credit Memos, Travel, Student Orgs Accounts Payable
IA ID Charges/IA Quarterly copier charges Intercollegiate Athletics
IL ID Dept Charges Instrumentation Lab
J JV Bannerweb Multiple Line Budget Transfer Budget Office
J JV Bannerweb Multiple Line Journal Voucher General Accounting
JBM  (& JM) JV Jennifer Morrison General Accounting
K AP King Library invoices University Libraries
KB ID Bookstore Auxilliary Business Office
KL ID Copy & Publishing Charges King Library
LKM (& LM) JV Linda Manley Grants & Contracts
MA ID Middletown advertising charges Middletown Public Relations
MEM (& MM) JV Melissa Metzger Treasury Services
MI ID Various Misc Areas (transfers) General Accounting
MR ID Marc Conf Ctr - Dept Chgs Auxilliary Business Office
MU ID MULAA template upload General Accounting
NC JV Returned Checks Bursar
NP ID Mailroom charges University Mail Services
P PU Purchase Order Purchasing
PC ID Pay 4 Print Information Technologies Services
PE ID Prepaid Expense General Accounting
PI ID Event services Police
PR ID Cole Work Order Labor (Payroll) Physical Facilities
PRM (& PM) JV Paula Murray Grants & Contracts
PS ID Middletown Postage Business Services-Middletown
QB ID Various Charges/Depts/Travel Hamilton Campus-Admin
RD ID Computer Remediation Repair Center Chgs Information Technologies Services
RMB (& RB) JV Ravenna Brown General Accounting/Plant Funds
RS ID Various Dept Chgs Auxilliary Business Office
SA ID Sigma-Aldrich charges Purchasing
SCP (& SP) JV Sarah Persinger Controllers Office
SS ID Middletown Supplies Business Services-Middletown
SW ID Computer Software Support Information Technologies Services
TI ID Telecom Installation Telecommunications
TK ID Charges/IA Ticket Ofc Sales Intercoll Athletics
TR ID Telecom Rent Telecommunications
TS ID Administrative Expense Allocation Treasury Services
TS ID Investment Income Year End Treasury Services
TS ID MUF Distribution Treasury Services
TS ID Realized Gains/Losses Year End Treasury Services
TS ID Unrealized Gains/Losses Year End Treasury Services
TS ID PNC Foundation Treasury Services
TT ID Telecom Tolls Telecommunications
UP ID Physical Facilities UPS-Freight Central Stores & Maint Purchasing
UT ID Utility Enterprise Physical Facilities
VA BD Vacancy credits University Budget
W AP Miami Buyway Invoices Accounts Payable
WP ID Cole Work Order Parts Physical Facilities
WS ID Workstudy Grants & Contracts
YE YE Booking inventory (year-end) General Accounting
Old document codes
Code Prefix Doc Type Description Department
AT ID Auction Sales/Transfers Purchasing/Strategic Procurement Officer
BJH (BH) JV Billie Hubbard Student Orgs-General Accounting
BLB JV Barbara Bennett General Accounting/Staff Accountant
CA YE Computer Allocation Year End General Accounting/Staff Accountant
CC AP Invoices - Fifth Third (Mastercard/Visa) Accounts Payable
CDC JV Curtis Churchman Student Orgs-General Accounting
CI ID Business Service Computer Insurance Purchasing/Assistant Manager
CLO JV Charges/Expense Transfers Intercollegiate Athletics/Business Services Manager
CRM (CM) JV Carolyn Miller Grants & Contracts/Grants Accountant
CO ID COM DOC Customer Support/Sr. Accounting Technician
DSA JV Debbie Armstrong Inventory Control-Gen Acctg/Administrative Assistant
DVJ JV Network Svcs-Wireless/Video/Data Information Technologies Services/Budget Analyst
ECB (EB) JV Elizabeth Bath General Accounting/Staff Accountant
EXP (EX) JV Expense Transfers General Accounting/Staff Accountant
F AP Maintenance Purchasing LPO's Accounts Payable
JER (JR) JV Jason Resar General Accounting/Staff Accountant
H AP Hamilton LPO's Accounts Payable
HLW JV Helen (Lihong) Wong Grants & Contracts/Grants Accountant
IC ID Corporate Sponsorship receivables Intercoll Athletics/Bus Serv Manager /Camp Coordinator
JAR JV Various Middletown Dept Chgs Middletown/Sr. Director of Administration
JHS JV Various Charges/Depts/Misc Hamilton Campus-Admin/Senior Dir of Administration
JLH (JH) JV Jerry Hunsche General Accounting/Assistant Controller
L PU LPO's Accounts Payable
M AP Middletown LPO's Accounts Payable
MC & TV ID Mastercard (Various+Travel) Charges Accounts Payable
MKW (MW) JV Michelle (Micki) White General Accounting/Staff Accountant
ML ID Printer/Lamination Middletown Library Dept Chgs Gardner Harvey Library-Middletown/Library Associate
MP ID Physical Facilities Motor Pool Campus Services (PFD)/Program Assistant
NU ID STAPLES purchases (replaced Officemax) Customer Service Assistant
NU ID OFFICEMAX purchases (through Oct 08 only) Purchasing/Administrative Assistant
OF ID Middletown-Office Business Services-Middletown/Program Associate
PM ID Postage-(Univ Mail Service (UMS) & United) University Mail Services/Manager
R PU Requisitions Accounts Payable
REC JV Recurring Journals General Accounting/Staff Accountant
RC1 ID Recurring Journals General Accounting/Staff Accountant
RJK (RK) JV Rebekah Keasling General Accounting/Staff Accountant
RLC JV Richard Charles General Accounting/Staff Accountant
RM ID Computer Remedy Repair Chgs Information Technologies Services/Budget Analyst
RR ID Recurring Journals General Accounting/Staff Accountant
QA ID Middletown Car charges Business Services-Middletown/Program Associate
RUL JV Services for Writing Center (recurring) King Library/Head Coord of Admin Services
RWC JV Monthly library fee (recurring) Women's Center/Administrative Assistant
S AP Student Organization S# Accounts Payable
SLB (SB) JV Sheila Barger Plant Funds-Gen Acctg/Plant Funds Accountant
TM ID Telecom MU Net (netjack charges) Information Technologies Services/Dir Business & Admin Servs
VE ID Vending Housing Dining Guest Services/Admin Mgr Bus Suppt/Clnt Svcs
Z AP Direct Pay Online Requisitions Accounts Payable