Permitted Facilities

Alcohol Permitted Facilities

These facilities do not require a temporary permit to serve alcohol:

Advancement Services

Alumni Hall

Armstrong Student Center

Art Building

Art Museum

Athletic Performance Center

Benton Hall

Beta Campanile (Beta Bell Tower)

Center for Performing Arts

Clinical Health Sciences Building

Dauch Indoor Sports Center

Engineering Building

Farmer School of Business

Garden Commons Dining

Glos Center

Goggin Ice Center

Gross Student Athlete Development Center

Hall Auditorium

Hayden Baseball Center

Hayden Park/McKie Field Batting Facility and Dugouts

Hiestand Hall

Johnston Hall- Middletown

King Library

Kumler Chapel

Langstoth Cottage

Laws Hall

Lee & Rosemary Fisher College at Elm

MacMillan Hall

Maplestreet Station

Marcum Hotel & Conference Center

Martin Dining Hall

McGuffey House & Museum

McVey Data Science Building

Millet Hall

Murstein- Climer Alumni Center

Nellie Craig Walker Building

Odgen Hall

Patterson Place

Peabody Hall

Pearson Hall

Phillips Hall

Roudebush Hall

Sesquicentennial Chapel

Shideler Hall

Shriver Center

Simpson-Shade Guest House

Upham Hall

Warfield Hall

Western Dining Commons

Western Lodge

Wilks Conference Center- Hamilton

WRA Cabin

Yager Stadium East and West