Professor Annie Farrell to present research at New South Wales University

October 2016

Endres Associate Professor Fellow and Associate Professor Annie Farrell has an adventure waiting for her at the end of this semester: In mid-November, she’ll be traveling to Sydney, Australia, and the University of New South Wales in order to give a presentation about her recent research.

The presentation will be part of the UNSW BizLab half-day conference, which is titled: “New Frontiers in Behavioral Research: Perspectives from Neuroscience and New Technologies.”

Her research primarily involves the neuroscience behind why people make certain decisions - but it goes deeper than that. In order to study management decisions in an entirely objective environment, she and her colleagues, an accounting professor at the University of Texas at Austin and a neuroscientist at National Taiwan University, used fMRI technology to image participants’ brains. The intersection of economic theory and psychology theory is where the researchers put their fingers - and they used hard neuroscientific evidence to support their hypothesis.

The research is the result of Dr. Farrell’s longtime interest in psychology. When she received her Ph.D. in Accounting from Michigan State University, she minored in psychology as well.

“It’s been really fun,” she said about the project. “We’ve learned a lot.”

She’ll be spending a week in Sydney - two days at the university and then some sight-seeing with her son.

Join us in congratulating Dr. Farrell on such a neat opportunity!

Dr. Annie Farrell