FSB in the Media: Foliotek success

January 2017

The Center for Business Leadership Fellows have been busy the past few months with a new project: creating profiles on the digital portfolio website Foliotek.

Foliotek highlighted the CBL's efforts in two articles this past semester.

The first article focused on the CBL effort itself to promote student leadership by creating these online portfolios. The Foliotek profiles showcase what the students are focusing on as fellows and as professionals - they work like an online marketing tool for the students’ personal brands. Molly Etgen, the team lead on the Foliotek project, had some great things to say about the CBL and about the initiative:

"It's the first time I've been in a student organization and I'm actually able to lead something I'm genuinely passionate about," she said.

The second article explored one specific student’s experience with creating her online profile. In an interview with Foliotek, sophomore marketing major Imani Steele said that by using the digital profile to showcase her initiative, she was able to reflect more deeply on the project itself.

“The way the project templates were structured helped me not only talk about what I did on the surface level, but I was able to dig in deeper and talk about how it shaped me in my leadership and teamwork skills,” Imani said.

To see all of the students’ hard work, check out the group’s Foliotek pages.