Student ambassadors shine a light on FSB

March 2017

Elizabeth Jenike

The day-to-day life of a Farmer School student is pretty hectic. Some have part-time jobs, many are part of student groups and all of them are involved in highly engaging classwork.

And some, like the Farmer School of Business Ambassadors, are on hand to regale potential students with stories about all of those things.

FSB Ambassadors represent the School to prospective students and their parents. They give tours, they answer questions and they share their excitement - all with the goal of making sure FSB is seen through a positive lens.

FSB Ambassadors are but one arm of the University’s efforts to convince prospective students that it’s the right choice for undergraduate education. Make it Miami events, which take place nearly every Friday during the Spring semester, is a great way to welcome prospective students to the university. All across campus, current Miami students help incoming high school seniors see what life is really like here - they give them a taste of our culture and tell them about Miami’s social, academic and professional benefits.

“It's especially neat because the program is tailored to each prospective student's personal interests,” said sophomore sustainability and accountancy double major Madeleine Clark. “For instance, small group tours through the Farmer School of Business are available for those considering a business major.”

Their job is one of the most important on campus - and it’s not difficult, because they’re bursting to tell people how much they love it at FSB anyway. The Ambassadors program gives them a chance to do just that.

Michael Baader, a fifth-year accountancy student who is currently enrolled in the combined bachelor’s / master’s degree program, said the main reason he wanted to become an FSB Ambassador is to give back to the Farmer School. His time here, he said, has been such a great experience for him that he wished there was some way to share his experiences and convince others that they could have a similar experience.

“The biggest value in the ambassador program is being able to show people the Farmer School,” Michael said. “This school has done wonderful things for me both developmentally and professionally. So if I can help other people to have the same benefits I had, it’s worth it.”

Student ambassadors in Forsythe Commons Student ambassador talking to prospective students