Student success update: Shoe Shine 2 Go!

April 2017

Elizabeth Jenike

Student success update! Alex Brzozowski, '16 FSB alum and the creator of Shoe Shine 2 Go, recently shared that his product will be available for purchase on the website of popular shoe retailer DSW.

"About 2 years ago I met the CFO of DSW at a conference at Miami University... [T]he brief couple minutes we spoke, I explained to him the idea I had in my head," Alex recalled. "It was a portable, modern shoe care product that appealed to the on-the-go lifestyle. I am excited to say that Shoe Shine 2 Go will be available on DSW's website starting this May! It is crazy to see this become a reality, and I can't wait for what is next!"

Check out the incredible story of Alex's success and visit to try it out yourself!