National Success for Water Ski Club

November 2017

Over the weekend of October 19, members of the Water Ski Club competed in the National Collegiate Water Ski Championships in division 2 and returned home as CHAMPIONS!

A few weeks ago, the Water Ski Club team competed in the National Collegiate Water Ski Championship in Zachary, Louisiana, which hosted 24 teams from around the country. Miami finished with an overall score of 8,940, with Texas State University trailing far behind in second place with an overall score of 7,630.

Team members from the Farmer School include Elizabeth Rowan, Ben Poe, Tori Boldt, Maggie Peplow, Jared Lutz, Keenan Zordan, Brendan Jennings, Sean Liberati, Jackie Challoner and Courtney Vogel.

Tori stated, “The water ski team has been my home away from home. From camping every weekend at tournaments, to buying a new boat, to spring training, to going back to back at nationals, there is no group of people I would rather dedicate so much of my time to.”

This was only Miami’s fifth time going to Nationals since its founding in 1986. This was also their second consecutive year winning in D2. There were 12 teams in total for Division 2. These teams included Arizona State, Auburn, Cal Poly, Cincinnati, Kansas, Iowa State, Michigan, Texas, Texas State, UCLA, Wisconsin-La Crosse and Miami University.

Make sure to send them a hearty congratulations!

Miami Water Ski Club members Miami water skier in action