Walnut Hills H.S. students visit, experience Farmer School

April 2018

Jay Murdock

A group of Walnut Hills High School students got a taste of what the Farmer School of Business has to offer.

The 10th grade students are from the top-rated school in the Cincinnati Public Schools system and one of the best schools in the U.S.

“They have this unique story,” Director of Business Organizations and Diversity Michelle Thomas said. “They have a diverse population. These students think about things differently than perhaps other students.”

The students were introduced to FSB’s First Year Integrated Core program, working with groups made up of Dr. Rebecca Morrison’s students to come up with ideas about how to get Generation Z to manage money.

“You’re going to learn that each class does something different to solve this problem,” Morrison explained.

Then, the students went through a ball-passing exercise with White Family Clinical Professor of Creativity Dr. Jim Friedman, challenging them to find a faster and more efficient way to complete the task.

“Live by the rules, but use everything else around them to innovate,” he said.

A trip to Creativity City was next, where the students split up to participate in the various activities on the FSB front lawn.

After a tour of the Farmer School, the students met with FSB Dean Marc Rubin and had lunch with a panel of current students.

“It’s an opportunity for high school students to really think about, ‘What is the next step? What is coming? What is around the corner?’ Thomas explained. “Although they’re 10th graders, these things happen more quickly than they realize.”

“It’s opening up their minds to the experiences they can have while they’re in college,” Walnut Hills counselor Tanya Ficklin said. “Knowing that what they’re currently doing, they’re on the right track for graduation, and to continue what they’re doing right now.”

Omavi McClinton wants to be a neurosurgeon someday, but he said he sees the benefits that a school like Farmer could offer.

“I think the whole business aspect would help me, because I want to get to the point where I have my own practice,” he remarked. “It’s great to see all of this being put together.”

Shemiah Irvin sees programs at FSB that would help her toward her goal.

“Marketing, entrepreneurship. I want to minor in fashion because I want to get my own fashion business started. It’ll give me information on how to get material, start my own business,” she said.

“I like to do programs like this because they get to see what is possible,” Thomas explained. I want them to have a menu of options, and I hope that’s what they walked away with today, thinking about where they fit in that menu.”

Dr. Jim Friedman talks with Walnut Hills 10th graders at FSB Walnut Hills student catches tennis ball Walnut Hills student participates in Creativity City virtual reality booth Walnut Hills student talk with a panel of current Miami students Walnut Hills student participates in Creativity City event