Business academic honor society adds 55 new Farmer School inductees

April 2018

32 of the 55 inductees

Fifty-five Farmer School students were inducted into the business honor society Beta Gamma Sigma on Friday.

The society’s purpose is to honor and encourage academic achievement in business studies and to foster personal and professional excellence.

“Beta Gamma Sigma is a high honor. It means these are high-achieving students among high-achieving students,” senior academic advisor Marcia Smith explained. “They’ve learned how to navigate their academics, and our goal with this organization is to continue the networking of the high-achieving students and encourage them to be leaders in society, in the business world, and in life.”

To be invited, seniors must be in the top 10 percent of their class, while juniors must rank in the top seven percent.

“They are a select group of students to start with, so among Miami University, these are really among the best of the best,” Beta Gamma Sigma president and Armco Endowed Assistant Professor Dr. Lee Biggerstaff said.

“Honestly, I think it’s a great honor. In high school, I strove to be an academically-driven person, and I was in National Honor Society,” accountancy major Evan Swihart said. “To see that recognition in a bigger setting at Miami is really special for me.”

“I think it’s such an honor to be initiated into such a prestigious society,” finance and economics major Sarina Sangal remarked.

Since its creation in 1913, the society has also built a considerable group of inductees that can be a valuable networking asset.

“I’d seen the alumni network that they have, how exclusive the organization was, I understood it was something I wanted to be a part of, something that really demonstrated the work that I’ve put in the last few years,” finance and analytics co-major Charles Goss said.

Those inducted this year are:

Juniors: Lillian Bloomberg, Emily Bloemer, Grace Roby, Riley Christianson, Natalie Turton, Kara Leckinger, Gavin Morton, Thomas Vandertill, Aidan Reed, Nathan Emens, Madison Sawyer, Allyson Heitger, Brooke Shane, Sophia Armor, Jakob Melser, Nicole LaBelle, Joshua Lashley, Christine Currie, Haley Mull, Sarina Sangal, Haoyu Wang, Joseph Braun, Jacob Swyers, Pierce Kaufman, Luke Bakies,, Alexander Erisey and Esther Gault.

Seniors: Gabrielle Verdin, Nicholas Burke, Joslyn Andrews, Anthony Marr, Elise Gorman, Megan Haase, Nathan Thatcher, Connor Holman, Madison Cain, Samantha Youngwirth, Nicholas Deuch, Eben Dooling, Mallory Centers, Ruoning Wang, Ethan Retcher, Owen Churchill, Nicolas Montag, Caroline Jackson, Jakob Hicks, Matthew Runser, Charles Goss, Cianan Moore, Evan Swihart, Rachel Craig, Sarah Craig, Linzhao Zhuo and Noah Slade.