Entrepreneurship Advisory Board expands to 12 members

October 2018

The Institute for Entrepreneurship has expanded its advisory board to a dozen members.

Joining existing members Amy Altman, Stuart Frankel, and David Herche are Cam Cummings, Lisa Dallmer, Jeff Kadlic, Wendy Lea, David Schwab, Todd Schwarzinger, Tim Spence, Brian Tome, and Greg Van Kirk.

“For the last several years I have had a chance to work directly with the students in the Institute of Entrepreneurship. What struck me immediately was not just their innate talent but the seriousness with which they worked and the real-world experience they apply to their projects," Kadlic said. "Through continuous collaboration with the professional venture capital community, the Institute of Entrepreneurship is graduating talented students that can make a positive impact today, not just at some point in the future.”

Frankel will chair the expanded board.

Institute for Entrepreneurship director Dr. Tim Holcomb said the board members include:

  • The former COO of the largest fund manager in the world
  • The former COO at the New York Stock Exchange
  • A board member from the largest accelerator network in the world
  • A managing director from the largest commercial bank specializing in venture debt in the world
  • The founder and senior pastor of the 4th largest church in the US and the fastest growing congregation in the nation
  • The founder and EVP of the largest sports and entertainer agency in the world
  • The EVP of Strategy and Innovation at one of the largest banks in the nation

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