Class of 2023 begins Farmer School journey

Group of students talk with a member of the BSAC at Welcome Week event

More than 1,200 new students are joining the Farmer School family this fall, each with their own reason for coming to Oxford and their own hopes and goals for their future beyond FSB.

Some said they already have an idea of what they want to do with their lives once they graduate.

“I want to do finance and I want to use this school to pursue my career. I want to do sports business specifically. I'd really like to be a baseball or soccer team general manager someday. I did a paper in English class on how they all got their jobs and they all got their MBAs at some point.” – Laura Larocca, St. Louis, MO.

“Network a lot and find people who will help further my career. I’m looking into opening my own food chain because it mixes my passions for food and business together perfectly.” – Josie Randall, Atlanta, GA.

“The long-term goal would be to get a finance degree and hopefully a masters in accounting and go find a job back in New York. Both my parents are in the corporate world, so I know a lot about finance from dinner talks and stuff like that. So that's what inspired me to be a business major.” -- Sanjana Sharma, NJ

“I want more knowledge than I already have at the moment. And that kind of sounds cliché, but at the same time, there's a lot of stuff in business that I'm not that familiar with. I want to get into sales, preferably pharmaceuticals. I just want to be able to have a career where I can control my income.” – Connor Hetzel, Pittsburgh, PA.

“I’m not sure what I’ll major in yet, but I'm leaning towards majoring in marketing because I want to do something with real estate eventually.” Maddie Caulfield, Minneapolis, MN.

Others said they know the path through Farmer that they want to take, even if they don’t know what job they’ll want after they leave.

“I'm here because all throughout high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do and I realized I was really good in math and really good in stats. And then I thought about just going into that, but I wanted to have a bigger open field for me to choose from. So I'm majoring in business analytics, and hopefully I'll have a lot of options after that,” – Taylor Hellmann, Cincinnati, OH

“I'd like to be in sales, probably, maybe with an office job, not necessarily a ton of travel. I’m majoring in marketing, and I’d like to do some study abroad, and just learn more about the business world with real-world experience and to be ready for everything.” – Justin Lee, Pittsburgh, PA.

Many said that they’ve come to Miami without a clear goal, but with a clear vision that business and the Farmer School is right for them.

“I always have had an interest in business. Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to run a business. If you would ask me at, literally, age five, I would have said that,” – Allison Lydey, Cleveland, OH

“I just loved like the look of campus and the attitude of everybody here. Everybody is here to learn and then also to have fun and it was a really good fit for me.”  Garrett Baldes, St. Louis, MO.

“I just want to get a good education and a good experience, meet some friends and become a better, more well-rounded person overall.  I'm thinking about going to law school after graduation or just go get a job in the business field somewhere,” Kyle Cody, St. Louis, MO.

“After visiting, I just could tell that Farmer was the best choice for me and it would give me the best education and help me get like the best job I could and help me for my future.” Sidney Blanker, Toledo, OH.

“I’m not sure exactly what my major is, but I'm trying to become successful and I feel like Farmer’s the best place for me to find the path to get a good job.” – Dan Furer, Gurnee, IL

No matter what their goals or reasons for choosing the Farmer School, we’ll do everything we can to ensure they’re beyond ready for whatever comes next in their journey.