FSB alumni honorees humbled by selection

Brandon Smith, Alex Tyree, and Lance Theobald

Brandon Smith, Alex Tyree, and Lance Theobald

It was a busy few days for Miami University’s 18 of the Last 9 honorees, especially the trio of Farmer School alumni who were among those chosen for the honor this year – Brandon Smith, Lance Theobald, and Alex Tyree.

The trio spoke to several FSB classes, attended meet-and-greet events, and took part in an awards reception and dinner on Friday evening. The award was given this year to alumni who graduated between 2010-2018 and were nominated by their peers, colleagues, friends and family for their work building businesses, impacting lives and excelling in their respective career fields.

Tyree, a 2011 graduate, is a creative marketer at Spike DBB in New York City.

“My initial reaction was ‘Wow!’ I’m super humbled that Miami is willing to honor me and bring me back. But I think the most exciting thing is this is a new opportunity to be reinspired, not only by everything that I'm doing, but also reinspired by all the amazing work that these other folks are doing,” he noted. “So I am beyond humbled, but at the same time, even more inspired to continue to learn, to love, and to continue to lead.”

Theobald, a 2010 accountancy grad, is CEO of SecūrSpace, a company he helped found that that connects companies looking for parking and storage options to those with dedicated or excess capacity.

“I'm incredibly honored to receive this honor. A lot of exceptional people graduate from Miami, so I’m very honored to be here amongst my peers,” Theobald explained. “It's been fantastic to be back here on campus and meet with the other folks in my cohort and some old professors and talk to the students. So this is just been a great experience all around.”

Smith, a 2010 finance graduate, started NOOMA with his brother. The company produces a line of low-sugar organic sports drinks.

“I feel like I talked to everyone here, and I'm like, ‘Holy crap, everyone else is so smart or is into really cool stuff, and I'm just selling sports drinks,’” Smith said. “It's cool to see how many awesome things this group has done, and just to be a part of it is humbling.”