CIMU Sponsors Miami University Chinese New Year Gala

On Friday, February 16th, the Confucius Institute at Miami University (CIMU) and Chinese American Cultural Association, along with the Performing Arts Series and Late Night Miami, co-sponsored Miami University’s Chinese New Year Gala; a beautiful and creative celebration of Chinese culture and the start of a prosperous new year.

San Cha Kou by He Zichen and Wang Ju

The event opened with three breathtaking performances by the Beijing Opera Group from the Confucius Institute of Binghamton University in New York. The performances included a comical scene where two men with swords attempted to fight each other in the dark, a scene where a woman discovers a jade necklace, and a final scene where a mysterious man magically changes into different brightly colored masks in rapid succession. With their ornate costumes, precise movements and elegant grace, the performers captivated the audience until the end.

Shi Yu Zhuo by Cao Fan and BianLian by Chen Lei

The second part of the evening featured several performances by CIMU student art clubs. The Chinese Classical Music Ensemble performed a relaxing and sweet Chinese New Year Music Medley.

Chinese New Year Music Medley performed by CIMU Chinese Classical Music Ensemble

After that, the Lion Dance Club brought an energetic performance to the stage. A group of girls in flowing blue and white dresses took the stage after the lions, performing a Chinese Traditional Dance from the Chinese Folk Dance Club.

Lion Dance performed by CIMU Lion Dance Club and Kungfu performed by CIMU Martial Arts Instructor Zhibin Jin and YiQingYi performed by CIMU Chinese Folk Dance Club

Next, the Chinese Ancient Etiquette and Costume Club held a fashion show, complete with elegant gestures and movements to represent ancient Chinese cultural practices. These colorful, well-rehearsed student performances brought thousands of years of Chinese culture to life. Finally, the Miami Dance Theater Club performed a beautiful modern dance.

HuiHuangQinFeng performed by CIMU Chinese Ancient Etiquette and Costume Club and Through It All performed by Miami Dance Theater

Audience members cheered wildly as famous star Lara Liang entered the stage. Her lovely, clear voice and charming personality enchanted the audience as she sang several Chinese and American pop songs. Miami University’s DyzzeeStepperz Dance Crew brought the evening to a close with an electrifying hip hop dance.

Lara Liang and MU student sing together and Hip-pop performed by Dyzzee Stepper Dance Club

Overall, the night was a resounding success and a thrilling celebration of Chinese culture. We are very grateful to Binghamton University Confucius Institute. CIMU is proud to host this annual event, and we sincerely wish you success and happiness in the year of the dog!

Some of CIMU Performers, Binghamton University Confucius Institute performers and CIMU staff photo together