Vogue Archive Database

Project Title: Vogue Archive Database

Project Lead’s Name: Lori Chapin

Email: pheanila@MiamiOH.edu

Phone: (513) 529-6550

Please Choose the Primary Affiliation: LIB

Are There Other Project Team Members?: No

Brief description of project: This project will permanently add The Vogue Archive containing every issue (from 1892 to current year editions) to the library's collection of electronic resources. "The Vogue Archive is the complete and unabridged story of fashion in a digital format. This collection of rich, historic imagery includes every page of every issue of American Vogue from 1892 to current issues. With more than 400,000 high-resolution pages, this is an unprecedented and essential creative resource for fashion, style, design, and marketing professionals and enthusiasts. Precision search functionality delivers immediate access to the inspirational photography, illustrious writing, and iconic advertisements from the most influential fashion magazine of all time in their original context." (quote is found at following url ) This is admittedly prose from the seller marketing the product but expresses the collection in a realistic manner. https://login.voguearchive.com

Does this project focus on graduate student education or graduate student life?: No

If yes, please explain: It will be available for graduate students but is not specifically targeting them.

Describe the problem you are attempting to solve and your approach for solving that problem.: Miami University's Fashion program is rapidly expanding, having recently gone from a minor only to a co-major in the College of Creative Arts. Resources for the program are somewhat limited and databases are an excellent option for both students in these programs and students interested in these types of resources. The Vogue Archive contains every issue from 1892 to current year editions. This would be an invaluable resource for Art and Theater students using the database as well as fashion co-majors. With the scope of the range of dates, this information could be beneficial to History or Journalism students as well. Marketing students might benefit from seeing advertising over such a long period as well. It has a lot of potential to be a useful resource for students in a variety of majors. By adding the database to the library's collection, students and faculty will have 24 hour access to materials that support majors from CCA, FSB, and CAS.

The criteria state that technology fee projects should benefit students in innovative and/or significant ways. How would you describe the innovation and/or significance of your project?: The database would be unique for the wide range of dates it covers. Having been published for 125 years, it will allow students to observe the changes that occurred in fashion, journalism and marketing for over a century. The database will allow students to narrow their search for information by garment, industry, brand and photographer. University libraries do not currently have an online resource that would cover this historical information at this time and the addition of Vogue Archive would fill a large gap in Fashion dedicated resources. The Libraries are currently unable to afford the cost of this archive but would be able to pay the sustainability cost.

How will you assess the project?: Usage of this database will be tracked as an electronic resource just like the library's other databases, and the usage statistics will be available to view online through regular reports. The library will also track the numbers of students introduced to this database through instruction sessions. Faculty will be consulted to help determine the impact of this resource on learning outcomes for individual courses

Have you applied for and/or received Tech Fee awards in past years?: Yes

If funded, what results did you achieve?: Surface Pros, purchased for the Art/Architecture Libraries have been extremely successful.

Did you submit a final report?: Yes

What happens to the project in year two and beyond? Will there be any ongoing costs such as software or hardware maintenance, supplies, staffing, etc.? How will these be funded?: There is an annual fee of $1215.00 which will be covered by an ongoing agreement between the College of Creative Arts and University Libraries.

Budget: Other

Other (please explain): This a purchase of data housed at the vendor requiring a one time purchase and on going maintenance cost.

Other Costs: $15,134.00

What is the total budget amount requested?: $15,134.00

Comments: The Libraries were funded for a similar proposal last year, American Consumer Culture: Market Research and American Business 1935-1965. This was very successful and allows the Libraries to make a one time purchase that substantially add to resources for all students at Miami