MUnet Password Reset Options

You set a strong password. You did not save it on a post it note on your keyboard. You didn’t share it with anyone. You tried to follow all the recommendations to be safe. But now you have forgotten your password. What do you do?

In the past you had to come to the Support Desk in person and show your Miami ID, proving that you were who you claim to be. If you were not on campus you had to fax appropriate documentation. Only after jumping through those hoops could you get your MUnet password reset and move on with life.

Those days have passed. Now you can easily set a cell phone number for text message reset options or a non-Miami email address for email options. By setting those options now, you will never be faced with finding a fax machine in a strange city or having to run to the MiTech Center through a blizzard.cartoon man standing under a question mark next to the words password reset

Take Action Now!

But, for these new password recovery choices to keep you out of a future jam, you must take action now. A few minutes setting your options may save you headaches down the road.

To use the new options, go to the Recovery Options Summary page. There you can set a non-Miami email address and/or a cell phone number. Once you set and confirm those new options, you can use them to reset a lost password from your desktop or mobile device by going to the Password Recovery Page and requesting a reset message be sent to your phone or email.

For those who prefer it, the secret question and answer option is still there, too. And, of course, if you don’t set any options, you can still come in person or fax your request in. Those options are outlined in the Password Reset case in the knowledge base.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Services Support Desk at 513 529-7900 or