Nothing but Color

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Let love speak louder than hatred.

The IT Services Diversity Committee hosts a variety of events throughout the year that are aimed at raising awareness about workplace diversity and inclusion. The most recent of these was the 2017 Film Festival in which the documentary A Class Divided was shown. Following the showing, a discussion about the film took place, facilitated by Dr. Ron Scott, associate vice president, institutional diversity. It was during this discussion that Festus Ojo, an application developer II within IT Services, recited his recent original poem, Nothing But Color.

Nothing but Color

The true measure of any man or woman shouldn’t be determined by the color of our skins which is nothing but the shell in which we’re enclosed, but by what lies underneath, the personal and moral integrity of our hearts, the intelligence of our psychological makeup and the perspectives that form the basis for our beliefs and actions.

Unity isn’t brought about by division based on race, but by a foundation of love with an understanding that the minor differences, like color, among us should never be the root cause of the disunity amidst us.

Let love speak louder than hatred.

Yes, You Can.

Believe! Imagine! Possible!

Festus Ojo

The Courage Club

the words The Courage Club shown inside a large letter CTo read more of the writings of Festus Ojo, please visit his Facebook site The Courage Club.