Emergency Text Messaging System Overview

Are you signed up for Miami University’s emergency text messaging system?

This system is a handy tool that connects you and the powers-that-be at Miami University in times of weather or other emergencies. Miami has partnered with e2Campus, a third-party provider of crisis communication systems that automates the response to these kinds of emergency situations, to ensure that faculty, staff, and students—across all of our campuses—remain in the loop.

The way it works is simple. When events occur around campus, those who have signed up for the service will receive a text or email (or both!) alerting them to important safety information. For instance, if an unexpected snowstorm pops up in the area making travel dangerous, the notification that campus is closing for the day would be communicated via this service.

Two hands holding a smart phone in front of a computer screen.

Why is it important?

The system is only used in times of emergency. But what, exactly, constitutes an “emergency”? Essentially, this is defined as any event that presents an immediate threat to the safety of the students, staff, and faculty on campus or that requires the university to close.

  • Campus Crime: Please note that messages about Campus Crime Alerts will only be sent if it is determined that there is an immediate threat of danger.
  • Dangerous weather events: Sometimes, it’s necessary to close the university due to inclement weather. Extreme cold and strong storms are examples of situations that could necessitate a closure.

For more information about procedures followed during weather emergencies, please visit the Miami University Policy Library.

Something important to note: The emergency text messaging system doesn’t replace any existing emergency reporting procedures. You will still get information from Miami’s website, social media pages, and local radio stations. It simply supports these existing systems and helps get critical information out to people who need it.

“The emergency text messaging system is really important to the entire university community - not just students, but to faculty and staff as well,” said Captain Ben Spilman of the department of public safety. “If we have a crisis situation or event that affects the entire campus and we have to reach everyone urgently, we have to have a way to get a hold of everyone.”

The system is also tied to the IP phones, the blue light emergency phone towers, and digital display signs around campus. Some improvements to the system will be rolled out soon, as well, e.g., desktop notification software that would take over Miami computer screens in the event of an emergency.

Sign me up!

Here’s the good news: everyone is automatically signed up to receive email notifications via the emergency text messaging system once your UniqueID is created. However, Cpt. Spilman noted that it’s important to get in and manually sign up to receive text messages through the system as well, because not everyone checks their email constantly.

“We encourage everyone to go into the system and sign up for text messages,” he said. “It’s a more immediate means of notification for people.”

In order to get signed up for the emergency text messaging system, you’ll have to log in to the e2Campus account associated with your UniqueID.

If you have any questions about the emergency text messaging system, get in touch with the Miami University Police Department administration office at (513) 529-2223. For help logging in or getting set up, contact the IT Services Support Desk at (513) 529-7900 or