Final notice: NetDisk retirement

This is the final notice: NetDisk will be retired on December 18, 2019.

After that date, NetDisk will no longer be accessible.

NetDisk is the web interface for accessing documents stored on Miami’s servers (i.e., MyFiles, M drive, G drive, MUFiles, departmental file space, etc.). Your files themselves will be unaffected, and you will still be able to access them through other methods.

However, we recommend that you find an alternative solution for document storage and sharing, and start using it before the December 18, 2019 cutoff. For instance, Miami users have access to unlimited free storage in Google Drive, and it’s easy to share documents there as well. In addition, Canvas is a good place to store course documents so that all students can access them.

In order to access your M: drive files after NetDisk is retired, you have several options:

Further reading...

As noted in the last reminder, we have created a site that will serve as a landing page for all of the information you need regarding NetDisk going away. On this site, you’ll find:

  • Explanation for the decommission of NetDisk (security!)
  • Resources for alternative methods of data storage and sharing (like Google Drive, Canvas, and Filelocker)
  • Links to Knowledge Base articles that provide more context

Please visit the site for more information: NetDisk Decommissioning.