Production Oracle patching scheduled for December 21

On Saturday, December 21 beginning at 1:00 pm, IT Services will be installing the October 2019 quarterly patch to the production Oracle Grid infrastructure. Patching has already been done on the development and test Oracle clusters. These patches will typically be installed in a rolling fashion; one Oracle Grid node at a time. This means the supported databases will not be completely down, and services will be available since they all have multiple instances (except for the BI databases). However, any connection that doesn't handle the failover to another instance will be dropped, and the user will need to log back in after the patching is complete.

These patches are estimated to take about 60 to 90 minutes to install on each node. We will be stopping ControlM/EM NewDay for Saturday at 1:00 pm. Once the patching is completed, NewDay will run. This is to avoid ControlM/EM (mostly for Banner) jobs from being started and ending unfinished during the activity.

Please visit the Oracle October Critical Patch notice for detailed information about the patches. Our Oracle environment contains a significant amount of personally identifiable information about members of our community, and installing patches in a timely fashion helps us ensure that we are taking the appropriate steps to properly safeguard that information.