Version of Sextortion phishing scam targeting some in Miami community

Please be aware that a new phishing email message that looks to extort money from recipients, has been reported. This message states that the recipient needs to send Bitcoin currency to the sender or the sender will release a supposed video involving the recipient.

Here is an example of a piece of the message: 

Subject: High level of risk. Your account has been hacked. Change your password.


_Hello! Í am a hacker who has access to yoür operatíng system. Í also have full access to yoür accoüňt. Í've been watchíng yoü for a few months now. The fact ís that yoü were ínfected wíth malware throügh an adült síte that yoü vísíted...Í can send thís vídeo to all yoür emaíls and contacts on socíal networks. Í can also post access to all yoür e-maíl correspondence and messengers that yoü üse. Íf yoü want to prevent thís, transfer the amoünt of $950(USD) to my bítcoín address.

The Information Security Office recommends taking the following actions if you receive a similar message:

  1. Do not send any money - these scammers are sending out bulk email to large numbers of users with the hope that some of them will send money
  2. Do change the password for any site you think may have been legitimately compromised, preferably to a unique password for each site. Using a password manager is a great way to do that. That both limits the potential damage when a password is exposed and also lets people know which sites are definitely compromised.

For additional information on this particular style of scam, please visit: 

Students, faculty and staff should treat unsolicited email and spam with a high degree of skepticism. If you receive a similar email, simply delete the message and do not reply, and do not open the message, or click any links provided. If you have already responded to this message or clicked a link, please contact IT Help immediately.

If you receive a message that is questionable please forward it to, or you may contact IT Help at 513-529-7900.