Upcoming upgrade: Oracle production environment

The database administrators have been working on the upgrade to Oracle 19c. We deployed the upgrades in test on June 20, and now will be moving on to the production environment.

Saturday, July 18 at 8 am, we will be upgrading the Oracle production environment ( clusterware (i.e., Grid Infrastructure) to 19c.

This is a rolling upgrade. During the upgrade process, each node will be upgraded one at a time, meaning there should not be a complete outage of the grid. However, some connections to certain databases (e.g., databases with only one instance, like IAPROD, or applications that don’t handle instance failover) may need to be reestablished once the upgrade is over; simply log back in to your session or restart the application.

We will also be installing the 19c version of the database software. However, we are not upgrading the databases themselves at this time. The databases will remain on Oracle 12c until a later date, as each of those will be upgraded to the 19c database version on their own individual schedules.

Here is a list of database instances by cluster node:

Node 1

  • REPT1
  • MWREP1
  • PFD1

Node 2

  • RTR1
  • PMED1
  • PFD2
  • PWAS1
  • MARS1

Node 3

  • TMSA1
  • PMED2
  • MARS2
  • PWAS2

Node 4

  • LEGC1
  • RCAT1
  • ETRAC1
  • PROD1

Node 5

  • ETRAC2
  • ROD2
  • LEGC2
  • RCAT2

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact Jeff Triplett.