OAS is here!

by Elizabeth Jenike, IT Services

Something you won’t stop hearing anytime soon: Data is important. With enough data, we can make informed decisions that not only directly impact our students, faculty, and staff, but we can also see trends and formulate accurate predictions for what the future holds.

Data isn’t enough by itself, however. You could gather reams of information, but if you don’t know what to do with it, that data might as well be a literal hill of inedible beans.

So what do we do with it?

The answer: OAS

Oracle Analytic Server (OAS) is the replacement for our previous data visualization tool, OBIEE. The business intelligence (BI) team has been hard at work migrating dashboards and making sure the reports used by offices across the university are running properly.

OAS comes with a lot of new bells and whistles. These new tools are sleek and provide all kinds of upgraded functionalities that the BI team is excited to promote. One of the most compelling differences between the new OAS interface and OBIEE is the ability to create self-service data visualizations.

The final cutover from OBIEE to OAS is scheduled for August 28. Most offices across the university are eager to begin using the new analytic and visualization tools provided by OAS. There is built-in training in OAS that will be available once the final cutover has been completed.

For further reading: A list of known issues with OAS has been created in the Knowledge Base.

As data and the decisions we make thanks to the insights provided by it becomes even more important to Miami, OAS will be invaluable. Many thanks to the BI and EO teams for all their hard work.