Classified Timekeeping: Kronos Replacement Coming Soon

In early January, a new time tracking and approval system, TimeClock Plus (TCP) will be introduced as the replacement for Kronos. Kronos has been Miami’s time tracking tool since 2001. Over the last year, university staff have been working hard to develop and implement the new TCP product that will bring enhanced features to our time tracking. On January 9, the new system goes live for classified staff, and on January 16, TCP will be available for student employees.

A round mesh container holding scissors, markers and paperclips is sitting on an office deskAccording to Dawn Fahner, associate vice president of Human Resources, “TCP will help Miami modernize its timekeeping practices through its easy to use system, while also providing a better experience for employees and approving supervisors.”

Although users will no longer be able to clock in and out using a Cisco desk phone, there are a variety of ways users will be able to interact with the system, including:

  • Tapping time clocks with your ID card (everywhere there is a time clock today)
  • Using a mobile app on IOS or Android phones
  • Logging in through a browser-based website

TCP will also be integrated with single sign-on, so once you are logged into another Miami system (myMiami, email, etc.), you will automatically be logged in to TCP.

Another benefit of TCP is its intuitive interface, however, as with all changes, there will be a learning curve, especially after using the same system for 19  years. Look for additional communications in the coming weeks providing more information and introducing a website that will include tutorials, instructions, and other relevant information.

TCP is being implemented now for several reasons:

  • Our current Kronos system is an older version of their product and soon will no longer be supported by the vendor.
  • TCP is a cloud-based system providing better system performance and less down-time due to technical server issues.
  • All classified and student employees will have access to their timecards on a 24/7 basis.
  • TCP provides enhanced functionality and ease of use at a more competitive price compared to Kronos or other similar systems.

With the introduction of TCP, there will also be changes to some of the timekeeping procedures, and those will be detailed in the informational website to come.