Network Switch Upgrades Scheduled for January 3-19

IT Services will be performing scheduled network maintenance throughout January 2022. We expect a few disruptions to network service during each maintenance window. Each campus building will be affected on one scheduled day. Please see below for the complete schedule.

Maintenance windows are between 4:00 - 8:00 am on each day. Technicians will be on hand in the event there is a sustained disruption.

To view planned IT activities and the current status of major systems and services, please visit our dashboard at

Complete Schedule

June 27

Alumni Hall

Anderson Hall

Art Museum

Art Building

Advancement Services Building

Benton Hall

Bishop Hall

Bonham House

Boyd Hall

Brandon Hall

Nellie Craig Walker Hall

Child Development Center

Chestnut Fields

Clawson Hall

Center for Performing Arts

Collins Hall

Conservatory (Hamilton)

Cook Place

Culinary Support Center

Dennison Hall

Dorsey Hall

Elliot Hall

Emerson Hall

Engineering Building

Etheridge Hall

Parking Services

Lewis Place (4-5 am)

June 28

Blanchard House

Dauch Indoor Sports Center

Farmer School of Business

Finkelman Auditorium (Middletown)

Fisher Hall

Flower Hall

Gardner-Harvey Library (Middletown)

Geothermal Energy Plant

Glos Center

Goggin Ice Center

Hahne Hall

Hamilton Gym (Hamilton)

Hamilton Hall

Harris Hall

Harrison Hall

Havighurst Hall

Hepburn Hall

Heritage Commons Quad

Hiestand Hall

Hoyt Hall

Irvin Hall

Johnston Hall (Middletown)

Logan Lodge

Miami Inn Hall

Pines Lodge

Reid Hall

Tallawanda Hall

June 29

Kreger Hall

Kumler Chapel

Langstroth Cottage

Levey Hall

Maple Street Station

Marcum Conference Center

Marcum Hall

Martin Dining Hall

McBride Hall

McFarland Hall

McGuffey Hall

McGuffey Museum

McKee Hall

McKie Baseball Complex

MacMillan Hall

Middletown Recreation Center

Millett Hall

Minnich Hall

Morris Hall

Mosler Hall (Hamilton)

Murstein Alumni Center

North Refrigeration Plant

Old Manse

Patterson Place

Peabody Hall

Pearson Hall

Phelps Hall (Hamilton)

Phillips Hall

Presser Hall

Psychology Building

June 30

Beechwoods Hall

Gross Student Athlete Development Center

Hillcrest Hall

Recreational Sports Center

Regional Book Depository (Middletown)

Rentschler Hall (Hamilton)

Roudebush Hall

Schwarm Hall (Hamilton)

Scott Hall

Shriver Center

Simpson Shade House

South Ref Plant

Stoddard Hall

Stonebridge Hall

Symmes Hall

Tappan Hall

Thesken Hall (Middletown)

Thomson Hall

University Archives

Upham Hall

Verity Lodge (Middletown)

VOA Learning Center

Warfield Hall

Wilkes Conference Center (Hamilton)

Wells Hall

Western Dining Commons

Williams Hall

Withrow Hall

Yager Stadium