Phishing notice: Scam posing as Greg Crawford

IT Services has received reports that a new scam email has been making the rounds, and it looks a little different from phishing scams that we have seen in the past. It looks similar to a scam we saw back in March.

The sender claims to be a Miami senior executive, such as academic dean or senior administrator. An example of note claims to be from President Greg Crawford. The email says that President Crawford has shared a OneDrive file with you titled “STAFF RECOMMENDATION.”

The information security team is aware of this scam. Please be aware: Do not respond to this message and do not open the file. The scammer is trying to get you to open the document, which will then collect your personal information.

There are several “tells” that can indicate a phishing attempt:

  • The sender’s email is not from an address.
  • Obvious grammatical mistakes (it directs recipients to view the document “that need urgent attention”).
  • Google helpfully warns that the sender is outside your organization.

Remember: If you receive an email that looks suspicious, it’s better to be safe than sorry - forward the message to, and the information security team will tell you whether it’s legitimate or a fraud.