Many Miami services will be down on December 17

On Saturday, December 17, from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., IT Services will be conducting scheduled maintenance in the Hoyt data center. This work will necessitate a significant shutdown of many Miami online services, including Banner, BannerWeb, MU-Wireless, and VPN, for several hours during that maintenance window. See below for a more complete list of the affected services.

There are some major systems that should not be affected by this work, including Google Workspace apps, Canvas, Zoom, TeamDynamix, Slack, and the webpages. Door access on campus should also not be affected.

This is a hardware upgrade that is needed to improve the stability and responsiveness of the on-site data center.

IT Services staff will be available to monitor the upgrade process to ensure all services return to normal. Before and during the service disruption, please visit for updated information. If you have any questions, please contact Tim Gruenhagen.

Unavailable Systems

(updated 12/15/22)

  • Active Directory LDAP (storm)
  • Active Directory (On-prem)
  • Apogee Sentinel (Insight)
  • AppPortal (Remote Desktop Services)
  • ArcGIS
  • ATC (transcripts)
  • Axiom
  • Banner
  • Banner Imaging
  • BannerWeb
  • Crestron
  • CS Gold (HDG)
  • Departmental Print Services (UIT)
  • eBuilding Envoy
  • Event Management (HDG)
  • Evisions
  • File servers (On-prem)
  • Filemaker
  • FMInteract
  • Foreman
  • Gasboy Fuel Management (PFD)
  • Illiad (Library)
  • Indigenous Languages Digital Archive (ILDA)
  • Intelliweb (PFD)
  • iOffice
  • KeyTrac (PFD)
  • Kibana/Elk/Logstash
  • ListServ
  • MailFWD / Spamfirewall
  • Maria DB
  • Micros POS (HDG)
  • Milestone
  • MU-Wireless
  • NetAPP - MiamiOnline, MyaamiaCenter, SLAMLAB, TIAAArchive
  • OpenLDAP
  • Oracle DB
  • PaperCut (pay-for-print) database (HDG)
  • Parking Logic - Parking Garage
  • Printing
  • ProLaw (General Counsel)
  • Psychology Clinic Titanium (CAS)
  • Puppet
  • PyraMed
  • Real-Time Account Gen (RTAG)
  • RemoteLab
  • Schneider Electric (PFD)
  • Seimens Desigo CC (PFD)
  • SoftPhone
  • Software Download
  • Student Counseling Titanium (SAF)
  • Tableau
  • Titanium
  • TutorTrac
  • vCenter (VMware Management)
  • VPN
  • Windows SFTP
  • Windstar/International Tax Navigator