Identity and Access Management Program: Phase 1 heading for the finish line

by Elizabeth Parsons, IT Services

It’s a new calendar year, and that means it’s time for an update on our Identity and Access Management Program.

The IAM Program team has been working hard behind the scenes to move the project along. This sometimes means that we have been outwardly quiet, but hours of weekly meetings continue to take place as we get closer to deploying a comprehensive identity and access management solution. To that end, the first phase of this transformational project is nearing completion.

Computer sitting on a desk with someone getting ready to use it in the foreground

Here are some updates on the IAM front:

We’re hiring!

IT Services is getting ready to welcome an IAM Solution Engineer to our team! This person will help with implementation of identity systems and a new IGA tool at Miami – someone to support our development and deployment of campus-wide standards and services pertaining to identity lifecycles, entitlements, credentials, and access management.

This person will fulfill a critical role within our IAM strategy. They will help us develop governance around IAM, provide documentation to support key concepts, and identify and resolve issues relating to access provisioning, account claim, password management, and more.

It’s official: Request for Proposal submitted

The team also finalized the request for proposal (RFP) for the IGA tool. It’s a robust document, as comprehensive as possible to make sure the responses are fruitful for the team.

Proposals are due at the end of January – then, the team will take the time to go over the responses with a fine-toothed comb, with the goal of choosing an IGA solution that will be the best fit for our current and future needs.

The end of Phase 1

The first phase of the IAM Program is coming to a conclusion, showcased by our readiness to select a vendor for the IGA tool. We’re thrilled to mark this part of the project complete – because it means we are one step closer to deploying this important solution for Miami.

Phase 2 will bring more hands-on work for the team and new IAM champion, along with the implementation of a new identity hub and transition to the chosen platform. We will take you along every step of the way – look for updates on the IAM website!