Notice: Upcoming changes to Shared Drives for students

Google Drive logoAs the Miami community knows, Google has implemented some limitations on its Education customers. Miami is well underway with our plan to get within those limitations. As always, the Miami community has shown up for each other with this initiative, and IT Services is grateful for the support and understanding as we navigate these new challenges.

Some changes are on the horizon for Miami Google Drives, specifically the Shared Drive service. As originally noted in the Google Storage FAQ, the Shared Drive service will be limited to faculty and staff. As of May 15, 2023, students will no longer be able to create Shared Drives.

Students will still be able to share files out of their My Drives and collaborate out of Shared Drives that have been previously shared with them. 

Please note: We will not be deleting any existing Shared Drives that are currently being used by Miami students or ones that were previously created by students. The deadline of May 15 is simply when we will be removing the ability for students to create new Shared Drives.

Faculty and staff will retain the ability to create Shared Drives, and may invite students to participate in those drives. Faculty advisors for student organizations may create a Shared Drive for their charges.

Please see the Google Storage website for more information about Shared Drives, quotas depending on your role at the University, rationale, and timeline for implementation.