Changes Coming to Office Telephone Billing


Beginning on July 1, 2023, the telecommunications funding model will change to a simplified, fixed-cost model based on 2021 levels to accommodate the ongoing costs of operations for the telephones and underlying network. This new funding model was created through a partnership between IT Services and Finance and Business Services.

As part of the change, many features that are currently billed separately will be included for all users as part of the base service. These include:

  • Standard desk phone
  • Softphone
  • Long distance
  • Voice mail
  • Network FAX service
  • Standard desk phone maintenance and refresh

Photo of a Cisco IP Telephone used in many Miami officesSome additional services that are also provided include:

  • Emergency phones
  • Courtesy phones
  • Elevator phone circuits
  • Fire alarm annunciator circuits
  • Emergency speakers in ResHalls

You can find details about the change in our Telephony FAQs.


Changes Mean the End of Telecom Online

Since there will no longer be any monthly billing to review with the new billing structure, the current telephony portal, Telecom Online, will also be going away on July 1. Telecom Online currently tracks departmental phone activity and processes billing.