Welcome (back) to Miami from all of IT Services!

We have quite a few important activities happening this academic year – new systems, new strategies, and new faces. Not to mention some of the same: the same stellar service options, the same commitment to excellence, and the same high-quality technology tools that help make learning and working possible at Miami.

Before the school year starts in earnest, we wanted to take some time to highlight just a few of those top initiatives and priorities that we are focused on in the 2023-2024 period.

And who better to help us do that than David Seidl, Chief Information Officer and VP of IT Services?

Now, for a bit more detail…

Enterprise resource planning tools are getting a facelift

The migration to Workday from our decades-old Banner installation is marching ahead. The plan is to launch parts of the Workday Platform (i.e., financial and human capital management modules) in June 2024, and cross-functional teams are working hard to make that deadline a reality. There are lots of integrations to work out, workstream changes to parse, and implementation plans to set and carry out – and IT Services folks, alongside team members from across the University, are putting in the hours required to forge a success in this arena.

Check out more about the Workday Program, the current timeline, and news from the team at

Google Workspace is changing

You have probably heard by now that in the spring of 2024, restrictions from Google will take effect, meaning that faculty, staff, and students will need to be paying attention to how much storage they are using in their Google Drives. As an institution, we are working hard to share the impact. The good news is that the majority of faculty, staff, and students (99.2 percent, in fact) will not be impacted by these restrictions – but please be aware of the quotas and make sure you’re managing your data effectively!

A list of quotas based on your role at the university can be found on our informative website, as well as a list of instructions for moving your data out of your Miami Google account. We appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we work to get within the restrictions placed on us – and many, many other higher education institutions around the country – by Google.

Information Security is still a top priority

This past year saw a lot of change in the information security landscape, not only at Miami but throughout the higher education sector. And as that landscape continues to change, our Information Security Office adapts with it. We deployed our CrowdStrike ransomware detection system, improved incident management responses, and investigated several potentially high-impact events – all of which activities helped keep Miami safe from malicious actors.

This coming year will bring even more change, as we implement stronger password standards and launch a new identity governance and administration (IGA) system as part of our Identity and Access Management Program. How you log in to Miami systems will be getting a facelift, among other new technologies that we will be implementing. Stay tuned!

Expect the same great service

Among all these changes, though, we are still committed to providing helpful, timely, and consistent technology support through IT Help. Remember, if you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at 513-529-7900 or initiate a live chat session (with a real person!) at We’re here to help!


Come visit us!

For the next several weeks, IT Services will be out and about on campus (Oxford, Hamilton, and Middletown!) getting ready for the return of students and faculty. As part of our continuing mission of keeping the campus up to date on technology news, helpful tools, and Miami-specific information, we think it’s important to have a physical presence at start-of-semester events.

If you see us around, feel free to stop by and say hello!


Sunday, September 3, 2023


Academic Quad

11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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